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Prominent economist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unmistakable financial analyst - Essay Example Ken proceeded to demonstrate the presence of the hypothesis in a handy perspective concocting basic hypotheses. He proofed the presence of the hypothesis. Most altogether, he thought of the social decision hypothesis, while in his PHD research he concocted the Arrow difficulty hypothesis. Fundamentally, his exploration in medicinal services financial matters uncovered alarming outcomes, with close connection to protection, its fairly estimated worth, and minimal offer expenses (Pauly, 2001). Most altogether, his recognized situation as a teacher in Stanford Operations Research Department gave him more vitality to arrangement of answers for straight programming. As a numerical business analyst, he thought of various strategies with various ramifications in the financial field. He opposed the administrative desire to help the introducing the supersonic traveler plane. He has been the director of national Institute of Medicine advisory groups, whose center point is to advocate for moderate malarial medicines in Asian and African nations. Basically, his articles and distributed works are figured everywhere. He has over a hundred articles, twenty-two books as a writer or co-writer, a supervisor to 24 books, done forty-one non-specialized articles and overpowering 226 examination distributions. With the summarized accomplishments, it is no uncertainty that Kenneth stays a symbol and a legend in the financial aspects

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Digital Marketer Model Communication Industry †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Talk about the Digital Marketer Model : Communication Industry. Answer: Presentation This report centers around the use of applicable promoting ideas by uncommon F1 assortment item publicized in a luxatic blog by Ray-Ban and Scuderia group. It is a course item intended to give an encounter of a F1 energy will bring down odds of injury. The principle focal point of this report is specified on various exercises including; steps recorded as a hard copy a showcasing plan, SWOT and contender examination, crucial, and promoting destinations of the item propelled, definition of an advertising procedure with an accentuation on computerized promoting and correspondence plan, current activity plans intended to accomplish the set goals, and in conclusion usage and control of the showcasing plan. Use of these ideas is intended to emphatically support showcasing methodology and computerized correspondence which broadens the market field in this manner making a dependable and consistent market for F1 assortment item. F1 assortment is an item uncovered by Ray-Ban and Scuderia Ferrari group. It is planned for giving a decent surge as same as that of a course. It is planned with a high craft of innovation. The group is intended to apply the showcasing ideas, for example, advertising strategy and advancement administrations to be exceptionally serious and fit in the promoting field. Its model is likewise intended to arrive at an objective of funs, for example, Italian Formula 1 group. To accomplish this, following the promoting ideas and proposed thoughts is critical to the accomplishment of the set objectives. A showcasing plan is an archive that plots a business exertion in promoting and publicizing for a given year. It portrays business commitment and exercises engaged with the accomplishment of the set destinations, inside a set restriction of time. Coming up next are steps that manage a showcasing plan (Disanza, 2016). Circumstance examination: This alludes to the standpoint of a current condition of an organization. It incorporates a diagram of solidarity, opportunity, and shortcoming of an association. On account of F1 assortment item, this investigation can be applied to evaluate the fortresses of the Ray-Ban and Scuderia group, distinguish another chance to showcase the item and to examine the difficulties experienced (Westwood, 2010). Target crowd: After recognizing the objective client, it's acceptable to compose a depiction of the data assembled. Subsequently, this idea can be applied on account of promoting F1 assortment item where a portrayal of the crowd of the objective can be recorded for reference. Advertising objectives: This segment incorporates drafting of showcasing objectives. That is writing what one hopes to accomplish. The objectives should be quantifiable with the end goal that one can decide disappointment or achievement. Alluding to the promotion of the F1collection item in the luxatic blog, this is appropriate where objectives of accomplishing the best structure of F1 assortment item can be drafted and estimated to decide if they would be feasible or not. Methodologies and strategies: In this piece of the arrangement, one decides the techniques and pertinent approaches to publicize the items and distinguish outreach devices too. In the promotion of the F1 assortment item, methodologies, for example, publicizing the item in various media can be applied. This should be possible related to the recognizable proof of the right effort instrument, for example, advanced correspondence to guarantee that the crowd of target feasible. Showcasing financial plan: This alludes to the assessment of the expense to be acquired while promoting one's items. The spending plan should show a decent equalization with the end goal that it can give a positive effect on deals and furthermore moderate the startup support (Steenkamp 2017). With the F1 assortment item promoting, the spending Evaluation is relevant where luxatic has been decided to be the most helpful site for advert delivering a positive result and moderating the underlying beginning asset. This consolidated examination includes assessing the market structure with respect to fortresses, shortcomings, rivalry and opportunity holes to have a firm substitute the market (Pherdamrod, 2016). Anticipating to the F1 assortment item, the investigation can be applied. For instance, the blog gives a trace of the group fortress where it clarifies that the Ray-Ban and Scuderia Ferrari assortment incorporates a restrictive bundle with an extraordinary Ferrari etching highlight that satisfies fans from Italian recipe 1 group. With respect to, investigation of the strategies for notice by different groups and organizations should be possible to make an appealing, interesting module of promoting. For instance, the F1 assortment item advert can be marked with remarkable titles, for example, the highest rich F1 assortment item. Such unmistakable titles are serious and give a group a firm stands in the market. A crucial an explanation that portrays what an association is eager to do to accomplish a set target. With the F1 assortment item, there are a few exercises Ray-Ban and Scuderia Ferrari group can apply to accomplish their goal, For instance, making sure about customers installments, one of a kind adverts, and computerized correspondence, for example, web based advertising, can characterize their method of activity and catch consideration from the crowd of the objective. Advertising and budgetary destinations reachable inside a half year of propelling Advertising goals are points and focus in a group, or an association is eager to accomplish. Inside the initial a half year of F1 assortment item dispatch, the accompanying goals can be feasible. Increment in deals is one of the showcasing targets where F1 assortment item move from little scope to enormous scope levels because of expanded interest brought by uniqueness and improved nature of the F1 assortment item in the luxatic blog. Furthermore, inside the a half year of the item dispatch, there is a possible hood of focusing on new clients. With the conspicuousness of the advert in the luxatic blog and taste of the item by numerous clients, an opportunity to target new clients is relevant since as the item spreads the more, there is a feasible hood to arrive at inside clients. Likewise, inside the initial a half year of the item dispatch, working of brand mindfulness is reachable since numerous websites can be gotten together with social destinations to such an extent that individuals can like the advert pages and spread brand mindfulness. Money related targets are financial points set by a group to be accomplished inside a given period. Inside the initial a half year of the F1 assortment item dispatch, three budgetary destinations can be feasible. This incorporates the development of incomes where benefits ascend with a given edge. It is material in F1 assortment item in that; steady deals enlarge the market, consequently, impacting income assortment. Besides, a differentiated income base is another budgetary goal a group can accomplish inside the initial a half year of item dispatch. On account of the F1 assortment item an expanded income base can be feasible. To accomplish it, the group ought to apply expanded promoting where the item is advertised in both neighborhood and universal areas to harvest most extreme benefits from these locales. Finally is the development of profit where a group acquires salary from various charges of the item. For instance with the F1 assortment item, conveyance charges can be remembered for showcasing which can likewise be converged by negligible charges involved on after deal administrations. By applying this, high development in gaining is reachable inside the initial a half year of the item dispatch. Promoting blend procedure and advanced showcasing correspondence plan Showcasing blend technique alludes to set of basic strategies for promoting which are controllable. An organization or a group of businesspeople use it to give the necessary reaction to the focused on showcase. It incorporates all exercises that an organization can never really interest for its items. For instance, the advertising blend can be executed through, advancement of the item, estimating, and appropriation of the item. In advancement, advertising specialized techniques and strategies, show up on the advancing heading. The advancement heading can comprise of extraordinary offers, advertising, and vivified promoting. With the F 1 assortment item, this system can be applied. Where the advancement heading Ray-Ban and Scuderia Ferrari F1 assortment incorporates different highlights, for example, reasonable exchange and secure installment slides, activity of the F1 assortment item pictures and correspondence systems such vender client interface( Andrew, 2017). With regards to valuing, the showcase value covers the specified last sum the client is required to pay for the item. The estimating is generally standard with the end goal that its incentive to a client and the merchant is kept up also. It can apply to the F1 assortment an item where the showed cost is client inviting just as productive to the Ray-Ban and Scuderia-Ferrari group (Sexton 2016). With respect to, it alludes to the appropriation of the item to arrive at the focused on client. Arrangement of the item, controls on which channel is generally appropriate to disperse the item and furthermore bolster different techniques concerning the advertising of the item (Barker 2014). This technique applies to the F1 assortment item where the decision of a channel for dispersion is guided by the luxatic blog. Advanced advertising correspondence plan is a showcasing type where promoting of items and administrations is conveyed through advances, for example, the web, cell phones, and road screen shows. The correspondence plan depicts the goals an association needs to accomplish through the data it sends. It is made out of apparatuses of correspondence, the focused on beneficiaries, and the objectives to accomplish (Killian, 2015). The utilization of this arrangement in F1 assortment item can be applied where the Ray-Ban Scuderia Ferrari group can incorporate the utilization of road screen show of the item and furthermore publicize it in different web journals that incorporate highlights, for example, E-trade business. By doing this, the ideal objec

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Dumex Web Site Free Essays

The Danone Dumex Web webpage situated at http://www. dumex. com. We will compose a custom paper test on Dumex Web Site or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now my/is the online nearness of Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.. , a Malaysian wellbeing food organization working since 1958. The Web website fills in as an organization handout and highlights organization news, the company’s items, tips on different wellbeing related subjects like nourishment, exhortation, and youngster advancement, just as wellbeing news and plans. Qualities The site is introduced in a messiness free way. It’s simple to perceive what the entire site brings to the table, so the client doesn't get lost. The substance likewise considers returning guests, or guests who return to the site for refreshes and new data. The New This Month, and Featured This Month area, not just supports returning guests, it additionally features the things that they haven’t seen since their last visit, with the goal that they won’t need to experience material they’ve seen previously. Likewise, the site can be explored without any problem. The menu bar at the left half of the page guides the client toward different zones of the Web webpage, from news, to plans, to the company’s items, to clinical counsel, and so on. It’s all there, close to one another. The site supports more client cooperation and intuitiveness with its challenges. It furnishes the client with a significant encounter by highlighting client photos, compositions, encounters and prompt. On the organization side, it permits them to construct a notoriety and picture of being a specialist on medical problems. By including wellbeing experts’ counsel and feeling, alongside wellbeing related news, they are situating themselves such that they can be trusted with one’s wellbeing. The site additionally offers a presentation case for every one of their items. Content-wise, the site highlights news and data that is esteemed exceptionally by its objective market. Since the item is for babies and pregnant moms, their substance is outfitted towards issues identified with pregnancy and kids. This makes it a one-stop asset for their clients, further merging their image and friends picture. Shortcoming As a medicinal services related Web website, the webpage ought to incorporate language notice clients that the webpage may have inadequate counsel and begs clients to look for additional clinical consideration or to see their PCP. The disclaimer would put the user’s wellbeing as a top priority uniquely if he’s truly debilitated, or have a condition that may require singular consideration. A model is the site’s pregnancy mystery on the landing page which says â€Å"Pregnant? Don’t neglect to exercise†. Colette Bouchez at WebMD composes that in spite of the fact that activity during pregnancy isn't just suggested, it likewise have certain advantages for both mother and child, the mother ought to know about some notice signs like vaginal releases and dying, and quit working out. This alert isn't on the Dumex landing page. Thusly, it is profoundly likely that while material on the site may have been checked and is solid, it may antagonistically influence a few people who follows clinical, nourishing exhort without talking with their primary care physicians. Likewise, while the website has its items on the web, its absolutely impossible to arrange their items on the webpage. * As a purchaser, I should make certain of what I’m buying. It needs to give me esteem for my cash. It needs to convey its guarantees. For me, I need to be an educated customer, cost is just optional. Sites like Dumex gives me the important data that I would not typically observe in different types of promotions. A decent Web website should tell me about the item, for me to know its advantages, potential dangers and how it admissions against the opposition. What's more, I don’t need to venture out from home to do it, it’s all, actually, at the tips of my fingers. Beside data, great item Web locales offer their clients other related data. That would keep me educated regarding the things I should know about. On account of Dumex, it likewise reveals to me how their items would meet my requirements. Ultimately, Web locales offer the comfort of buying at home, which would give me more opportunity to do other increasingly significant things, and different advantages like maintaining a strategic distance from the long queues at the grocery store or repulsive traffic. Impacts of IT Employment. Data innovation makes it simpler to carry out the responsibilities that would have been increasingly troublesome and tedious without it, a prime case of which is the utilization of the word processor rather than the manual typewriter. As indicated by Michael Handel at the SRI Institute, in any case, robotization utilizing I. T. may prompt joblessness. On the off chance that you have PCs that run certain procedures or screen certain exercises running, at that point you don’t need to enlist someone to do that for you (Handel, 2003). Security and Individuality. Data innovation is likewise changing the manner in which we live. With the coming of long range interpersonal communication locales like Friendster, Myspace and innumerable of others, it has been simpler to discover new companions and keep in touch (Dwyer, 2007) . IT, while making it simpler to purchase items and benefits and have them conveyed to your doorstep without leaving your home, similar to a book from Amazon. Com, likewise raised protection issues like programmers accessing your Mastercard data, or individual information. Indeed, even one’s personal conduct standards on the World Wide Web, similar to the destinations being gotten to, and the measure of time being spent on a specific website can be checked. Collaborators, programmers, and relatives may have their very own inspiration presently approach unlawful PC projects to get such data from one’s PC. (Rittenhouse, 2004). PC Crimes. PC violations are on the ascent and it might included the unapproved utilization of a PC (taking passwords, or getting to another’s PC through an indirect access program); spreading malignant PC programs like trojan, virii and worms; or an online variant of following and provocation. The basic reason is that PC violations are finished by individuals who need regard for property and security of others (Standler, 2002). Incidentally, PC violations are additionally being fought by means of I. T. Different Web destinations have thought of online security apparatuses, infection location and cancellation programs, tips on the most proficient method to distinguish illegal PC exercises, among others. Cultural Solutions. One of the most across the board and effectively observed impact of I. T. on society is the manner in which individuals get their news these days. Previously, individuals need to depend on bits of gossip and the following morning’s papers, and in the end, the night communicate and breaking news on T. V. The thing is, individuals need to hold up before they get the news. Presently, they should simply to sign on to different news Web destinations to get the most recent happenings, on a more extensive assortment of themes. They can get news from Somalia, or news on the most recent Britney occurring. The issue with this is there will in general be a great deal of wrong news originating from unsubstantiated sources. A case of which originates from the Virginia Polytech Institute and State University shooting a year back. Around then, numerous understudies, looked at destinations on the Internet, as Fark. Com, Facebook. Com and other person to person communication locales to get data on the shooting. In any case, at that point, it happened that one anonymous understudy got suspected as the shooter when his own Facebook. Com profile indicated pictures of him and his weapon assortment. The understudy turned into the subject of death dangers, and detest crusade, until news came out that the genuine shooter was shot dead and the anonymous student’s personality was checked (IDG News Service, 2007). Medical problems. Talking about deception, the World Wide Web is brimming with it. While the Web has made it simpler to get data on different subjects like what to do when you’re pregnant, how to make bombs, how to cook the best lambchops, it is astute to check the unwavering quality of the data introduced first. Ensure that the site, or the essayist of the article is legitimate on the topic. Take extraordinary consideration with regards to one’s wellbeing. As on account of Dumex’s Web webpage, think about all data introduced there while taking other factors into consideration and an expression of alert. While medicinal services counsel is ample on the Web, it may be ideal to counsel one’s doctor if you’re debilitated. Leslie Teach at Emory University puts it compactly when she says that already wellbeing related recordings, books, leaflets were monotonously altered and evaluated before discharged to people in general, and that’s not occurring with Web locales. Wellbeing improvement, infection counteraction, and data about ailments are the essential wellbeing related data that are being gotten to. Show gives various rule for assessing wellbeing related Web destinations, including: ? a plainly expressed reason for the site; ? no obvious inclination; ? the site is certainly not a hidden commercial; ? all parts of the subject are sufficiently taken up; ? the site gives exact data, with archived sources. * Information innovation is setting down deep roots. Indeed, the far reaching and inescapability of this innovation has made such a significant number of significant consequences for our every day experience that it has become a piece of our way of life, and our mind. Similarly as with different advances, it has its disadvantages. In any case, the basic truth is, the advantages exceeds the threats. What's more, the impediments can be effectively battled, with a little mindfulness, information and a basic psyche, one can be protected. References Bouchez, Colette. (2007). Exercise During Pregnancy: Myth Vs. Actuality. WebMD. Com. Recovered on 18 April 2008. http://www. webmd. com/infant/highlights/work out during-pregnancy-fantasy versus truth? page=3 Danone Dumex Web page. (2008). Recovered on 18 April 2008. http://www. dumex. com. my/Dwyer, Cathy. (2007). Advanced Relationships in the MySpace Generation: Results From a Subjective Study. Procedures of the 40th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences â�

Kotak Mahindra

Built up in 1984, The Kotak Mahindra Group has for some time been one of India’s most presumed money related associations. In Feb 2003, Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. , the group’s leader organization was given the permit to continue banking business by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This endorsement makes banking history since Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd is the first organization in Quite a while to change over to a bank. The permit approving the bank to continue banking business has been acquired from the RBI in line with Section 22 of the Banking Regulation Act 1949. KMBL was advanced by Mr.Uday. S. Kotak, Kotak and Company Ltd and Mr. Sidney and A. A. Pinto under the name of Kotak Capital Management Finance Ltd on 21st Nov 1985 and got a Certificate of Commencement of Business on eleventh Feb 1986.Key gathering organizations and their organizations Kotak Mahindra Bank Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Kotak Securities Kotak Mahindra Prime Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited BOARD OF DIRECTORS * Mr. K. M. Gherda †Executive Chairman * Mr. Uday Kotak â€Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director * Mr.Anand Mahindra â€Co Promoter of Kotak Mahindra Bank and Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra and Mahindra * Mr. Cyril Shroff â€Co Promoter * Mr. Pradeep N Kotak â€Agri Division of Kotak and Company Limited * Dr. Shanker Acharya * Mr. Shivaji Dam â€Managing Director Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited * Mr. C. Jayaram â€Executive Director * Mr. Dipak Gupta â€Executive Director Product Detail Kotak Mahindra Bank is one of the noticeable auxiliaries of Kotak Mahindra gathering. The exercises of the organization being corresponding to its goal are extremely wide and spread all the segments of a Bank.The Basic region of Operations is the Banking business, different items are intended for the ordinary income age. Being a Banking house, the organization is in normal touch with Banking Accounts, Investment Services, Convenience Banking and Other Services. Kotak Mahindra Bank, it's not tied in with selling you a wide range of items †it's tied in with working out an all encompassing, businesslike arrangement that tends to your money related necessities. Through their fluctuated products,they invest in turning out to be â€Å"banker† to the client as opposed to being â€Å"asset financier† to our customers.Banking Services by Kotak Mahindra There are three sorts of banking accounts: * Savings Account * Edge Savings Account: * Pro Savings Account: * Ace Savings Account * Current Account * Edge Current Account * Pro Current record * ACE Current Account * Term Deposit Investment Services * Demat and On Line Trading Account * Initial Public Offers(Ipo’s) Mutual Funds Convenience Banking * Multiple Banking Channels * ATM (Automatic Teller Machine): * Phone Banking * Mobile Banking * SMS Banking OTHER SERVICES * Banking Hours * Best Compliments Card †the ideal giftCOMPETIVE PROFILE * HDFC Bank * ICICI Bank HDFC BANK Market Strategy Emphasizes The Following: * Increase piece of the overall industry in India’s extending banking and budgetary administrations industry by following a taught development procedure concentrating on quality and not on amount and conveying great client care. * Leverage our innovation stage and open adaptable frameworks to convey more items to more clients and to control working expenses. * Maintain current elevated requirements for resource quality through restrained credit hazard the board. Create imaginative items and administrations that pull in the focused on clients and address wasteful aspects in the Indian monetary area. * Continue to create items and administrations that decrease bank’s cost of assets. * Focus on high income development with low instability. ICICI BANK MARKETING STRATEGY OF ICICI BANK: * India’s second biggest bank * 614 bra nches and expansion counters * 2200 ATM’S * Biggest private part bank in India * Most important bank in India regarding market upper casing * Described by the contenders and industry master in single word †â€Å"Aggressive† Strategy of Kotak Mahindra 1.Kotak Mahindra Bank is Leading Bank in the nation, it gives an assortment of items and administrations to various fragments of clients. 2. The Bank plans to serve clients from youngsters to senior residents, consequently various items intended to suit explicit necessities of the abovementioned. 3. Plans to serve all classes of the general public from the salaried working class to the high pay business class. Clients are ordered and portioned by their prerequisites and requirements. For Example, the EDGE Saving Account expects to serve white collar class clients so least parity required to be kept up is Rs. 0000. While the PRO and ACE Saving Accounts are focused at high salary clients, the base parity prerequisite is Rs. 20000 and Rs. 75000.4. Clients who are increasingly beneficial to the Bank (High Value Customers) are given exceptional offices. Need Banking is intended to serve these high worth clients. 5. The Bank prides itself with the capacity to give separate items in the packed market of sparing records. Bank offers the free home heating, uncommon co-marked platinum cards (Smart fill Debit Card) which makes its item extraordinary. . The Bank is additionally associated with showcasing exercises which fills in as a vehicle of commercial for the Bank. These are as per the following: * Extended cheerful hours at specific bars in Delhi for the Bank’s account holders. * Gift Vouchers on making utility installments, for example, PDAs, power and MTNL bills. * Free Gifts like tops, pens/wallets to its clients. * Free extra cards for family members. 7. The Bank needs its clients to execute progressively through Internet Banking and ATM, Rather than the clients utilizing the branch. 8.The D ebit Cards gave by the Bank are Internationally Accepted far and wide, consequently giving the clients the accommodation to execute whenever, anyplace. 9. The Bank has tied up with different Banks so its clients can utilize different Bank’s ATM office with the expectation of complimentary exchanges 10. The Bank likewise gives DEMAT account and furthermore sells Mutual Funds, this gives the Bank and Government extra income. 11. The Bank has been extremely effective in amplifying its client base during the most recent few years. 12. The Number One Reason of individuals picking Kotak Mahindra Bank is the Brand Name/Reputation of the Bank.Hence it should be cautious that the Brand name and Goodwill the Bank has earned isn't weakened. 13. The Biggest contenders of the Bank are ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank and STANDRAD CHARTERED. 14. ATM Facility is most well known approach to execute with the Bank. 15. By and large the clients welcome the administration and items offered by the Bank a nd are eager to prescribe the Bank to their associates , But more consideration needs to paid towards: * Increasing the quantity of ATM machines. * Improving Internet Banking Facility.

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Anthem for Doomed Youth free essay sample

Bound Youth by Wilfred Owen is a sonnet which I read as of late, in which the writer passes on horror’s of death in World War 1. The author‘s utilization of technique’s is very successful. His utilization of the poem structure, word decision, juxtaposition, incongruity and allegorical language makes a solid picture of the disaster absence of regard for the youthful soldier’s kicking the bucket at war. Song of praise For Doomed Youth is one of most popular World War poem’s in view of the route in the Octet, Wilfred interprets the awfulness and catastrophe of the war and the battling battle for burial service ceremonies for the youthful dead troopers. The title is one of the powerful technique’s that the creator use’s. It’s the manner in which the tile passes on a solid differentiation in the creative mind of the peruser. â€Å"Anthem For Doomed Youth. † The meanings of the word â€Å"Anthem† makes an extremely positive topic for the sonnet. We will compose a custom paper test on Song of devotion for Doomed Youth or on the other hand any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page We, In our brains, would most likely connection the word Anthem to applaud, time of festivity or in a congregation with the national song of praise which connects to the War. Owen contrast’s â€Å"Anthem† with â€Å"Doomed Youth† to show the harshness and terrible time of the war and the passing of the youthful troopers. The juxtaposition of the sonnets title is the complexity between the â€Å"Doomed† and â€Å"Youth†. This is an extraordinary complexity as â€Å"Youth† we consider as an actual existence not yet lived and praising the future not yet been found, yet the observing â€Å"Youth† are â€Å"Doomed†. â€Å"Doomed† proposes no expectation and the possible hood of the soldier’s not returning. The manner in which the writer utilizes the complexity to give the peruser a sample of the unpleasant incongruity topic to the sonnet, Another differentiation straight away in the sonnet is the type of the sonnet which gives’s solid diverge from the topic. Owen begins to write in the work structure which is typically used to compose a sonnet of expression or love. There isn't just a difference between the structure and the substance of the sonnet however he additionally differentiates the structure and the title. The structure and the title is very unexpected in light of the fact that Owen expounds on the passing and loss of the war in a type of which is utilized for reverence of the warriors are war. By utilizing this technique’s Owen passes on a feeling of pity on the individuals who are agreeable to the â€Å"Supposedly Glorious War. † The beginning of the sonnet is the octet which opens with a facetious inquiry. What passing ringers for the individuals who kick the bucket as steers? † The topic of death is carried into the sonnet with the words â€Å"Passing Bells† which alludes to a chime tolled after someones demise to report the passing to the world. There is a further metaphor with the words â€Å"who kick the bucket as cattle† completes the inquiry and make’s you interface the withering soldier’s of the World War to animal’s in a field. The comparison comprise a picture of the steers being driven away in a group to be brought to there death and that joins with the soldier’s being directed to war in enormous number’s to most likely to experience the ill effects of a ghastly demise. Sound symbolism is presented using the words â€Å"Passing bells†, this proceeds all through the octet. Owen responds to the inquiry by trading hints of chapel bell’s for burial service of the youthful soldier’s with the sound of weapons and war . â€Å"Only the tremendous displeasure of the weapons Only the faltering rifles fast clatter Can patter out their hurried orisons. † Owen utilizes exemplification to make the sound of the firearms over tosses the sound of the memorial service church chimes. The compelling word decision assists with passing on the possibility of the firearms over controlling the congregation ringers. Like the utilization of dairy cattle, the creator, makes an impact which underscores the loathsomeness of the World War 1. By exemplifying resentment with weapons shows that there was genuine brutality in the war and the soldier’s kicked the bucket still with the risk present towards the different soldier’s. Owen use’s sound to word imitation to portrays the indignation of the men shooting the firearms. He additionally utilizes similar sounding word usage with â€Å"Stuttering rifles fast rattle† which shows the sound of a firearm. The soldier’s have no orisons, which implies petitions, here memorial service supplications, all they have in the last minutes is the epeated sound of shouting and gunfire. â€Å"No jokes how for them; no supplications nor chimes nor any voice of the grieving recovery the ensembles the high pitched sick ensembles or walling shells and the moves calling for them from tragic shives† A similitude : the petition ringer s and ensembles of the congregation have became â€Å"chill demented† and â€Å"wailing† is another juxtaposition utilized by the creator. We have god’s universes and the villains both as one compared to feature the repulsive natures of the youthful troopers demise â€Å"What candles might be held to speed all? Not in the hands of young men yet in their eyes Shall sparkle the heavenly glints of goodbyes† The sestet starts similarly as the octet with a non-serious inquiry. It begins by saying about the candles which won't be held in a congregation service by the ensemble however will have light according to the withering fighters. He says ‘glimmers’ alluding to the ‘candles’ recommends a transitory light. The fire of the flame resembles the lives of the warriors, handily removed or consistently snuffed out. In the last 3 lines of the sonnet, the memorial service symbolism proceeds: the paleness of the girls’ temples will be the pall Their blossoms the delicacy of patient personalities And each moderate sunset, a drawing down of blinds† Here Owen proposes that in a burial service the white casket fabric will be spoken to by the stunned white countenances of the lady left at home. The allegory proceeds by saying the delicacy of lady will be their me morial service blossoms. The word blossom is especially powerful about the burial service as well as about the excellence, delicacy and pity which helps us to remember the compelling title toward the beginning. In the last line Owen looks like the light being quenched which identifies with the troopers reaching a conclusion and sneaking away. Owen accentuations all the normal passings by utilizing ‘each’ in the last line which proposes it has been going on consistently. Taking everything into account, in the sonnet Owen passes on the repulsiveness of the war amazingly well. All through he utilizes juxtaposition, allegorical language, poem structure and compelling word decision. He has painted a picture which is moving yet ghastly.

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Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead On Sunday night, I sat alone on a bench in South Station holding what was literally and â€" perhaps more importantly â€" figuratively a one-way ticket home. There was a semblance of relief, knowing that years of toiling away at problem sets, preparing for exams, and pulling all-nighters had finally moved from the present to the past. But, for some reason, this wasn’t what I imagined my final moments in Boston feeling like. I expected there to be more elation, more joy, and more optimism as I looked toward the beginning of the rest of my life. But, in reality, there was none of that, as instead I felt sorrow that the good times and the friends I left behind won’t be returning in September. At the start of May, the end of my undergraduate career couldn’t have come fast enough. The last two weeks of term were spent in a pressure cooker, as presentation followed project, and project followed paper. But the moment did eventually come; at precisely 3:23pm on Thursday, May 12, my work at MIT was done. Like many other seniors, I had no final exams â€" or any obligations â€" in the three weeks until commencement. Unfortunately, those were three weeks for my jubilation to dissipate. The weather was markedly poor during the third week in May as the temperature struggled to surpass 60F and the sky remained dark and sunless. But, I still managed to find time to relax in the vacuum, as I caught up on sleep, enjoyed an end-of-semester dinner with The Tech, and celebrated a friend’s birthday. Every once in awhile, I’d step off campus, but I ultimately ended up returning as I hung out with people who I distracted from their exam preparations. Toward the end of that week, I returned home to Maryland with two friends, for whom I played tour guide of the nation’s capital. I had known each of them for a year, but I had gotten to know them better during that one week at home than during the previous thirty at school. It was truly amazing the friendships that could be fostered when aimless discussions aren’t interrupted by guilt and exhaustion brought upon by work. Neither of my two friends was graduating with me, so I quickly foresaw how this strengthening bond would result in misery. Nevertheless, with one week remaining before commencement, I spent almost my entire time back at MIT hanging out with friends, including the aforementioned two, in MacGregor, which is where a large portion of students staying over the summer are housed. I put off clearing up my room and selling off my unwanted textbooks until the last minute, as I continued to wallow in what seemed to be my final moments with my friends. I saw how peaceful and beautiful the campus could be during the long, warm summer days. I realized just how impressive the buildings could be when I didn’t have to drag myself out of bed to them to attend lectures. Indeed, as I saw all the friends and families of graduates lining Massachusetts Avenue and Memorial Drive while the Class of 2011 walked into Killian Court on June 3, I realized â€" perhaps too late â€" I was going to miss this place. That isn’t, of course, to say I don’t have great things to look forward to. This September, I’ll be beginning a Masters of Science program in structural engineering at Stanford; I expect to complete the degree program, and head into the “real world”, by March 2013. Prior to that, I’ll be spending my fourth consecutive summer abroad, this time studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan, as part of the Critical Language Scholarship program. And, as if to compliment the beginning of my summer, after the program, I expect to go to Turkey to visit one of the two friends who came to my home last month. Unfortunately, though, that was the last thing on my mind Sunday night. The previous three weeks had drowned my ambitions with the memories I was leaving behind. I couldn’t help but think I was journeying into the abyss, with cultures, people, and places unfamiliar. This was especially surprising, as I felt my travels had made me immune to this discomfort. But perhaps, as before, I could take solace in the old adage, “Ships are safe in harbor but that’s not what ships are made for.” So, as before, I’m on my way. Full steam ahead.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Irony of “Free Women” in Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook - Literature Essay Samples

Boyish haircuts and flat chests were trademarks of the 1920s flapper; as this style spread throughout America’s cities, it marked a dynamic change in women from their traditional appearance and lifestyle of the late 19th century and into the era of World War I. Raised skirts, flat chests, and boyish bobs became the trend for the female of the 1920s in an effort to demonstrate a step away from reliance on men towards independence. The flapper surrendered feminine qualities in exchange for a more masculine physique and look in order to demonstrate equality to men; however, their imitation of men only became another reliance and dependence on men. Lessing similarly explores this female response towards gender inequality in another time period: the sexual and women’s liberation movements of 1950s England. In The Golden Notebook, the â€Å"Free Women† of England similarly behave: instead of conservative skirts and dresses, women are seen wearing â€Å"slacks, loose s hirtsa yellow scarf around her head† (13). Anna Wulf and her close friend Molly Jacobs are introduced preferring Scotch to a â€Å"nice cup of tea† (15) and making assertive and straight-forward, often brash, comments towards Molly’s ex-husband, Richard. In the same manner of the 1920s flapper, Lessing’s â€Å"Free Women† inadvertently imitate men in their appearance and behavior; while, in the midst of the women’s liberation movement of the 1950s, the female characters are able to articulate their opinions on gender equality and recognize the dominant patriarchal hand in their daily lives, this imitation represents a belief that to be accepted and taken seriously by men, one must be a man. As the female characters in The Golden Notebook forcefully deny and suppress their feminine qualities, they ultimately cause a fragmentation of identity within themselves and come face to face with immense mental struggles. Throughout the novel, the suppression of feminine desires and qualities consistently proves its capabilities to not only dismantle relationships, but to also damage one’s mental-well being. Anna Wulf is defined by her profession as a writer; the entire novel is a collection of Anna Wulf’s various writings throughout her life, in which she tries to accurately capture authentic female experiences. Wulf’s inability to comprehend her own personal experiences as a woman show up on paper as she experiences a seemingly endless writer’s block following the success of her first novel, Frontiers of War. Her writer’s block seems to slowly open the door to mental fragmentation, as Wulf makes various attempts to accurately write about her female experience through different alter-egos. Ironically, the only genuine female experiences that Wulf is able to document are her fruitless attempts to do so; while she tries to fragment herself into different personalities and characters, even those separate personas continue to be female writers who doubt the authenticity of their writing. In the yellow notebook, Ella (who represents Anna), who is a writer for a women’s magazine, finds herself resentful of the â€Å"sensitive and feminine† nature of the magazine and her writing, for it is unappealing and irrelevant to the men whom she seeks approval from. As a writer, Anna possesses â€Å"a minority-group psychological orientation that compels [her] to depreciate [her] femalenessand seek approval from men (Morgan 472),† and the truth that her writer’s block is rooted in her discomfort with the feminine qualities inherently found in her writing supports this. While The Golden Notebook was hailed as a feminist text upon its publication, Lessing has since countered those praises in a new preface to the novel, indicating that Anna’s inability to embrace and accept her feminine qualities and choice to deny them is only in support of a subconscious dependence on men and is a failed attempt at feminism. Despite their stance for gender equality and female independence, the â€Å"Free Women† develop unhealthy dependencies on men, ironically making them poor examples of feminists during England’s women’s liberation movement. Dating that was not necessarily geared towards marriage newly emerged in America in the 1920s, causing an increase in birth control use and casual sex. It became common for dating couples to separate without marriage in the picture, and 1950s England does not prove to be any different. Both Anna and Molly have ex-husbands and several ex-lovers by the start of the novel, and the structure of the novel allows the reader to get an extremely intimate glimpse into Anna’s relationships throughout her life: past and present. In each relationship, Anna has an inherent need for authentic affection and companionship; however, her feminist attitudes give off the impression that she has no need for that kind of relationship. This paradox results in her relationships consistently falling apart due to a lack of genuine communication between the pair. Anna’s failed relationship with Saul Green shines a spotlight on both the physical and emotional consequences of her inability to maintain male-female relationships. Prior to Saul moving in, Anna naturally desires to occupy her large flat with men (542), but tries to suppress this by refusing to rent out the empty room. With the addition of her eventual caving in, this behavior marks the beginning of a harmful cycle of suppression and submission that defines her affair with Saul Green. As Anna witnesses many of Saul’s odd behaviors, she remains silent and unsuccessfully tries to parse through them with logic, believing that it would be too feminine to be accusatory and emotionally invested. However, she consistently gives into these impulses and accuses him anyway, only to later regret and beat herself up about it. This cycle continues alongside Saul’s obvious practices of infidelity and the relationship, solely grounded on sexual attraction, and causes the relat ionship to fall apart. As their relationship slowly breaks apart, both characters begin to compartmentalize themselves and self-fragment: Anna identifies parts of herself as â€Å"two other AnnasAnna, the snubbed woman in loveand a curious, detached, sardonic Anna (562),† separating the parts she refuses to embrace from the â€Å"real† Anna. In the same way, she separates Saul into separate personas, the â€Å"real† Saul whom she fell in love with and the cold, emotionless Saul. For months, Anna and Saul try to salvage a doomed relationship; neither character, both writers, fully understand themselves and were already deeply fragmented, even before meeting one another. While their break is a monumental moment in Anna’s life, the writing she produces following the separation only further proves that her character’s perception of herself and her feminine qualities has remained unchanged. The Golden Notebook provides an intimate look into the life of women during the sexual and women’s liberation movements of the 1950s in England and uses the male-female relationship dynamic to pinpoint the problem with Lessing’s â€Å"Free Women† in their denial of their natural feminine qualities. The chaotic structure of the novel in addition to the experiences and ultimate outcomes of many of the characters do not allow for The Golden Notebook to be a true feminist novel, for the experiences and writings of Anna Wulf encourage the suppression of femininity and ultimate submission to male dominance. Even if Anna spends the bulk of her life as an adult spewing opinions about feminism and gender equality, her behaviors as a â€Å"Free Woman† demonstrate otherwise, for she subconsciously follows orders from men and constantly seeks approval in their reactions and responses to her own actions. As Anna Wulf concludes her novel, Free Women, she provides an alt ernate ending through a separate persona (named after herself) in which, differing from her separation with Saul, Milt (who represents Saul) fits Anna’s expectations for a male partner, one that is dominant yet caring. This satisfies her deepest longings for genuine affection and companionship yet, in the slightest of ways, promotes the submissive nature that she, as a â€Å"Free Woman†, has worked against. This conclusion, while satisfying for Anna herself, only acts as proof that Anna Wulf has failed as a feminist writer and character. 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